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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Academic Tutor, Learning Coach, Teen Mot
      Summary of expertise:
      A thought leader in the field of educational study and test taking, Venezky is a sought-after tutor by both parents and children of New York City’s most prestigious private schools, Venezky has over 15 years experience in academic tutoring and standardized test preparation and over 20 years experience working closely with and mentoring teens. An expert level tutor for the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, SAT, ACT and LSAT, Venezky has helped students raise their SAT scores by over 800 points, and has helped students under his tutelage achieve perfect 2400 SAT scores.

      Venezky created The High School Road Map, a step-by-step guide for parents and students on how to best prepare for college admissions – from freshman year through senior year of high school.

      His Easy Guide to Homework Success teaches children executive functioning skills and how to best handle their homework -- from scheduling and planning work through putting finished work in folders and backpacks, and rechecking class assignments.

      Venezky’s proven techniques alleviate anxiety in the family unit by coaching both students and their parents on effective communication.

      Venezky’s latest book entitled “Hack Your Brain,” blends neurosoience, mindmapping and motivational techniques with study ‘hacks” from years of tutoring experience. It effectively teaches students from eight to eighty how to “learn more and do better in Iess time with less effort.”

      Venezky says: “Materials are just half of the battle in doing well on a test. A student’s attitude and belief in him or herself is as important as memorizing formulas and vocabulary words. Knowing this, I use a combination of educational psychology, motivational techniques, sales and marketing skills, NLP, and neuroscience to motivate students past self-limiting beliefs. It is my joy and passion to see them succeed beyond their wildest dreams.”
      Blog/Web site: www.prestigeprep.com
      Twitter: www.twitter.com/elievenezky
      Facebook: www.facebook.com/prestigeprep
      White paper/research:
      Special Program In-the-Field
      Under the auspices of a non-profit foundation, Venezky created a tutoring program for underprivileged students throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The program helped inner city high school students achieve the scores they needed for college admission. Classes were taught in conjunction with Breakthrough NY and Medgar Evers College. Success stories included not only admissions to Medgar Evers, but to highly competitive Ivy League universities such as John Hopkins and Yale.

      Books/articles published:
      Test Prep Sanity for Students: What to do, How to think and who to ignore to stay sane and score high on standardized tests

      Test Prep Sanity: How To Help Your Child Excel On Standardized Tests Without Driving Each Other Crazy

      Hack Your Brain: Secrets of an Elite Manhattan Tutor with Patrycja Slawuta 

      Elie Venezky was nominated for the 2015 World Technology Network Award in Education See: http://budurl.com/WTN15

      Venezky's book Test Prep Sanity was awarded the title of "Amazon Bestseller."

      NLP Certification from The International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis

      Prior media experience:
      Elie has appeared in Fast Company for his book "Hack your Brain" http://budurl.com/jgk3

      Elie has been quoted by Univision, The NY Post, ECommerce Times and other media outlets.

      Educational background:
      B.A. in Literature from Wesleyan

      Two years of sales and marketing training from the California Leadership Academy

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