Eddie Cole

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      Suzanne Seurattan
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    • Title:Assistant Professor of Higher Education
    • Organization:College of William & Mary
    • Area of Expertise:College Presidents, Student Unrest, Race

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: College Presidents, Student Unrest, Race
      Summary of expertise:
      I am a historian of college presidents and racial unrest. My research contributes an understanding of the broader meaning of the institutional and cultural structures that are distinctive aspects of American democratic society. By studying dozens of college presidents, I move beyond simply recognizing the importance of individual institutions, but my work speaks to the larger social and economic significance of the totality of the institutions, from the smallest colleges to the most celebrated top-tier universities. Each institutional type has a role in enabling people to navigate the gap between American ideals and the brutal realities of racial disparities in American life opportunity. Thus, in my historical study of college presidents, I provide a functional understanding of higher education by analysis of college presidents’ evolving responsibilities during periods of dramatic racial conflict on campuses.
      Blog/Web site: http://eddiercole.com
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/eddiercole
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dr-Eddie-R-Cole
      Books/articles published:
      Selected Publications:

      Cole, E. R. (in press). College presidents and black student protests: A historical perspective on the image of racial inclusion and the reality of exclusion. Peabody Journal of Education

      Cole, E. R., & Harper, S. R. (2016). Race and rhetoric. An analysis of college presidents' statements on campus racial incidents. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. doi: 10.1037/dhe0000044

      Cole, E. R. (2015). Using rhetoric to manage campus crisis: A historical study of college presidents' speeches, 1960-1964. International Journal of Leadership and Change, 3(1), 11-18.

      2017 Nancy Weiss Malkiel Scholar, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

      2017 Princeton University Library Research Grant

      2017 Robert L. Platzman Fellow, University of Chicago

      2017 University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries Grants

      2015 Fellow, National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation

      Prior media experience:
      I have been quoted in, or had my research featured by, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Huffington Post, and The Commercial Appeal.
      Educational background:
      Ph.D. in Higher Education
      Indiana University, Bloomington

      M.S. in Student Affairs Administration
      Indiana University, Bloomington

      B.S. in Speech Communication
      Tennessee State University

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