Dr. Mark Harvey

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    • Title:Director of Graduate Programs
    • Organization:University of Saint Mary
    • Area of Expertise:politics, global entertainment industry

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Book Promo: "Very Real and Very Important" Celebrity Influence by Mark Harvey
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Uploaded By: Mark Harvey
Date Added: July 5, 2018
Description: At a time when the distinctions between politicians and celebrities are increasingly blurred, the insights into celebrity influence presented in this volume are as relevant as they are compelling. Focusing on two specific kinds of power—the ability to “spotlight” issues in the media and to persuade audiences—Mark Harvey searches out the sources of celebrity influence and compares them directly to the sources of politicians’ influence. Harvey’s insightful account is particularly prescient in the light of the ultimate celebrity politician Donald Trump’s ascendency to the office of the Presidency of the United States.” —Mark Wheeler, Professor of Political Communications London Metropolitan University
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