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    Three Mobile Mavericks Share Their Vision

    Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 12:24 PM [General]
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    Fabian Oliva - fiverun

    Reza Ladchartabi - Mobzili

    Jeff Riddle - Ignite Video

    Five is an intuitive number. Most people quit work at five, we like to high-five for success, our lists are top five -- and for Fabian Oliva, it's the name of his startup aimed to transform the shopping experience.

    Fiverun has developed a way to bring the "Apple store" model of more engagement by the sales associates to any brick and mortar retailer. Oliva asks, "How many times have you walked up to a salesperson and been told they're out of something, or it's only in their 'online store'"?

    Fiverun's tools aim to turn the warehouse shopping experience into a showroom, blending online + offline as you connect with an associate bearing a tablet who can order what you want on the spot and link transactions to a customer through social checkins. They can provide recommendations, create gift registries, and save the buyer's preferences. "Linking a shopcart to a customer, keeps your customers," said Oliva.

    Mobile is a staggering force and becoming more 'mediated' according to Beth Rogozinski of Transmedia.org. The growth of mobile entertainment is projected to become a $54 billion industry by 2015.

    "Mobile Media: Taking Engagement on the Road" was the buzz at Transmedia SF's July session at YetiZen Innovation Lab in San Francisco.

    Video converts shoppers into buyers nearly 25% more often according to Jeff Riddle, founder of Ignite Video. His company created a platform where a business can shoot, splice, dice, add voiceover and music and publish a video all from their iPhone. Key is also the ability to build a custom storyboard as you're laying out your vision.

    "That is powerful," he said. Not every startup can afford a professional photographer and this opens up new doors for $30/month.

    In 2014, the future 49'ers stadium in Santa Clara will be so wi-fi slick, nearly 70,000 fans could upload to YouTube simultaneously. Engagement is entering a new era.

    "We aim to simplify content creation," added Reza Ladchartabi, co-founder of Mobzili. His tool -- launched in more than 50 cities in the Netherlands and Belguim-- transforms location experiences by bringing stories to life. An entire community can contribute; each member using his or her own device.

    Cities and tourism organizations can upload and edit multimedia to create their own mobile applications (which Mobzili then makes available in the iTunes store) with the help of Mobzili's graphical interface creator. It's about organizations "controlling their own channels," said Ladchartabi and empowering them to engage with their audience by publishing and sharing on location.

    iTunes hit it's 50 billionth download this year. By 2017, data usage is projected to be 13 times what it is today according to Beth Rogozinski. The shift is in music, books, games, toys, events and as this panel of digital mavericks demonstrated -- live experiences.

    Insights to reach new readership to your Blog

    Monday, July 29, 2013, 10:55 AM [General]
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    SF Blog Club - Microsoft Store - July 18th, 2013 - from left to right -

    San Francisco Blog Club

     Murray Newlands - Founder and Editor - Themail

    John Rampton, Editor, Search Engine Journal

    Alexey Semeney - CEO, AtContent

    Rohit Vashist - CEO, Sverve


    • Sharing is the new commenting - write less/share over more platforms
    • Follow people who talk about trending news
    • Look for the arguments, capture the moment and weigh in
    • To gather followers over the desired social channel - write about what's trending in that space (FB trends over FB - Twitter trends over Twitter)
    • Build your presence on Google+
    • To make friends with influential bloggers - 'stalk them' online
    • SEO is more content-centric
    • Don't use words unfamiliar to buyers - speak with the same vocabulary as your target market

    John Rampton of Search Engine Journal still smiles with pride when he recalls a March post that garnered 600,000 unique visitors to his blog.  Rampton discovered Digg wasn't showing up in Google search results in the wake of a Panda update. It also was happening just as the social news site announced the launch of a Google News type reader.  "Digg Banned from SERP's" was Rampton's 'extra extra' he told bloggers from the San Francisco Blog Club gathered at the Microsoft store for their July meeting.   Rampton had a scoop around a trending topic that would generate much debate and an immediate response from Google that it was simply a webspam action action gone awry.

    "Follow people who talk about trending news," Rampton recommended.   To tap into the best keywords, start typing a word or phrase in the Google search bar and see what follows.  These are the conversations generating juice.

    "Look out for the arguments," was the advice of Murray Newlands, Founder an Editor of Themail.  He often takes screen grabs of heated online discussions, adds his two cents and solicits readers to weigh in on the conversation.

    "Today it's about producing less content and sharing more," offered up Rohit Vashisht - CEO of Sverve.  Sverve is a service where female bloggers can get in front of brands looking for influencers to share their message.

    Other insight to come out of of this month's session:

    • Join Facebook groups relevant to your space
    • Guest post on larger pubs in your niche - reach more traffic by reaching more people who read blogs.  When Murray Newlands landed an interview in Huff Post, he shared everywhere and even made it a promoted post on select sites
    • Help your posts rank higher in the search engines by engaging on Google + - if you're not there, it impacts your SEO rate
    • One tool many bloggers use to protect their content is plagiarism checker - Copyscape
    • Get to know influential bloggers professionally online.  Get to know everything about them, what they do online, what blogs they read - "stalk them," says John Rampton
    • Follow the influencers and look at what they're passionate about (big bloggers have heavier content they're trying to promote) - Find the moment when they're trying to promote that new eBook and reach out for an interview

    New Career Opportunities at the PR Agency of the Future

    Sunday, October 21, 2012, 11:00 PM [General]
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    PR agencies are in a world of transition and leaders are re-defining roles as they move into unchartered territory. At the PRSA International Conference in San Francisco, heads of some of the top agencies in the nation sat down to discuss what the future holds and contribute creative ways the profession will need to adapt to address changing client needs.

    One central theme is around becoming a Specialist instead of a Generalist in PR. Unique titles are emerging such as Creative Catalyst or Community and Conversation Analyst. At the same time, PR firms are hiring candidates with special skills including videography and even comedy writing.

    Key takeaways:

    Janet Tyler, co-CEO and founder of Airfoil Public Relations
    • The employee of the future will never look, act or think like another, they will understand the power of data is a connector and believe in the power of community.

    Jack Martin, CEO, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
    • Talent function is the most important part of the business

    Fred Cook, CEO and President, Golin Harris
    • Employees now go through an assessment process to uncover their strengths and passions which are furthered nurtured.

    PR Newswire’s VP of Business Development on the agency vertical, Andrew Meranus talked on camera afterwards to Rob Flaherty, CEO and President of Ketchum and Peter Himler, Founding Principal of Flatiron Communications about these career twists and turns already happening in PR:

    Hidden Gems for Social Marketing on a Shoestring from Stella & Dot

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 11:48 PM [General]
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    If you’re going to hold a Facebook sweepstakes, give away the sort of prize that will generate true fans to your brand. The common iPad giveaway was not the right choice for online jewelry innovators Stella & Dot. Social Media Director Amy Gilmer says instead they offer up the sort of sparkle their followers savor – a chic necklace or gold cuff.

    Donning her own Stella & Dot estate necklace, Gilmer shared her secrets to leveraging key channels at the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco.

    “Our Facebook page has grown by 90% in the last year,” [with a zero advertising budget],” Gilmer told the audience. One of the biggest drivers is sweepstakes.

    To celebrate reaching 200,000 Facebook fans in June, Stella & Dot gave away a weekly $250 shopping spree. Fans who could round up at least three friends to enter, received an additional prize — tripling the number of entries.

    For full post: prn.to/QmkfnO

    Golden Gate Bridge Artist - 75th Anniversary

    Sunday, January 22, 2012, 2:54 PM [General]
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    Anthony Holdsworth - Golden Gate Bridge ArtistAnthony Holdsworth is a well-known San Francisco/Oakland artist who’s been commissioned to take part in an exhibition celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. SFMOMA Gallery will present a collection of tributes to this iconic structure in May. I had the good fortune of catching up with him as he embarked on the second in a series of three paintings he’s putting together for the show. For Holdsworth, it’s about ‘catching the right wave’. He comes to the water’s edge at sunrise and right before sunset to capture the most brilliant light of the day. He shared with me a little of what goes into making his pieces truly unique during the creation of his latest masterpiece.  View Full Post 

    Dare to Soar in 2012

    Monday, January 2, 2012, 9:43 PM [General]
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    Windsurfer at Crissy FieldWhat better way to start off 2012 than to reflect on the pearls of wisdom from brilliant minds of centuries past? In the words of Emerson, …”then in a moment, and unannounced, the truth appears.”  I embraced the first day of the New Year with a walk along Crissy Field and felt so much creative spirit along my path. Whether it was a bird sanctuary created by a child in the sand, dogs dancing in the ocean, power kiting or wind surfing, it was all poetry in motion. And how fortunate are we – the passers by – to grab a glimpse of the infinite spirit of those who dare to dream?

    To view full post with video, click here

    Powering your Presence with YouTube Analytics

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 8:21 AM [General]
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    YouTube Analytics just launched a new interface to offer fresh insight into who’s watching your videos, what the impactful drivers are and an in-depth look into your own channel’s discovery pattern.

    If you’re like me, you want to know how people find your videos and how long searches remain active.  Just like with press releases, it helps to get a handle around which keywords or key phrases are being used to find your content — and how long it’s popular.

    I maintain a YouTube Channel of original San Francisco travel videos that has generated slightly over 50,000 views over the last three years.  One video on the “Wave Organ” (wave-activated acoustic sculpture in the San Francisco Bay) generated over 1059 views according to YouTube analytics.

    I never thought to call it a ‘sea organ’ or ‘drum sculpture’, but those phrases led to viewers finding the video according to YouTube’s enhanced metrics; so I should include as tags.  A video on a popular sax player at the BART station was found under “weekend player subway”.  The word ‘weekend’ is certainly key to when he performs.  But it was missing from my description.

    Click here to view full post.

    San Francisco‚Äôs Maritime ‚ÄúTime Machine‚ÄĚ eyes Voyage of the Future

    Monday, October 31, 2011, 9:11 PM [General]
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    One of the best kept secrets in San Francisco is docked down at Pier 45.  The S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien‘s all-volunteer crew keeps this Landmark Liberty Ship immaculate and seaworthy.  Liberty Ships were a critical part of the war effort, transporting everything from jeeps, trucks, food, medicine, weaponry and more to allied troops in Europe and the Pacific.  The O’Brien is the sole survivor of the 6,000 ship armada that stormed Normandy back in 1944 — and still makes a handful of small voyages every year around the Bay.  But this big ship has its sights set on a greater voyage.  Many would like to see the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien go back Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day in 2019.  For full post, click here wp.me/pGTPf-s6

    Making it on Mashable: Calling Guest Writers with Great Ideas

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 11:20 AM [General]
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    Voted one of the top 10 blogs by Businessweek, Mashable has become the media darling – the top source for news and digital media.  According to CEO Pete Cashmore, who was quoted in the New York Times this week, the site had 17 million unique visitors in September.

    That’s no surprise to San Francisco Bureau Chief Chris Taylor, who thought they might have been on track to top 20 million when he spoke to an audience just last week.  Taylor was part of a news roundtable hosted by Graffiti PR. He joined  Aaron Pero, news director for KRON 4 TV, and Theresa Rodriguez, founder of sites TangoDiva.com and Jetset Extra, to offer up thoughts and impressions “behind the news and stories.”

    Mashable measures its own content’s success in part through the same channels it covers – social media. A story has to have at least 1,000 shares on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon as a baseline benchmark for being a good read, according to Taylor. He says about a third of Mashable’s traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter, another third from Google, and a third from direct visitors to the site.

    Whether it’s a story about artificial intelligence coming to the iPhone, or digital platforms poised to change the conversation in election year 2012, Mashable is on top of the trends.  And Taylor gets pitched — a lot.

    “I receive an insane volume of pitches,” he revealed; even more than when he was bureau chief for Time Magazine. He claims "a pitch a minute" is no exaggeration.

    Mashable is a 24-hour shop run by about 55 employees, and the door is open to guest writers. Taylor says it’s not just for well-known names -- they cast the net far and wide. The bottom line is the ability to write concisely and briefly. If you can keep your copy to under 800 words, all the better, says Taylor. He offered up this insight to budding Mashable contributors after the San Francisco forum:


    Submissions can be sent to Josh Catone at joshcatone@mashable.com. Pitches can be sent to news@mashable.com.

    San Francisco’s Mayor Steps to Sunday Streets

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 10:18 PM [General]
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    Sunday Streets 2011 promises to be the longest season yet – with the street party offering up a double dose of entertainment in September.  It’s not yet on the website calendar, but organizers say September 18th will be the big day for Chinatown/North Beach.  There’s also a city-wide ping pong tournament about to be officially announced.The big block party is now four years strong and is a fabulous way for neighbors to meet one another.  

    For full post and video click here

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