David Lamparter
    Title Managing Director
    Organization 80/20 Healthcare Solutions
    Organization Web Site
    Industry Type Health Care/Hospitals
    Languages I speak English
    Please list your areas of Expertise Healthcare Finance, Hospital Finance
    Summarize your expertise in greater detail David Lamparter is the former Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer for John C. Lincoln Health Network. David was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the network’s finances. He started his career in the health care industry as an accountant more than 28 years ago. David joined the John C. Lincoln organization in and was promoted to chief financial officer in 1999. His leadership has strengthened the network’s financial position and enabled the organization to secure bond tax-exempt funding to finance major expansion projects. David also served as the Chief Integration Officer for the merger between JCL and Scottsdale Healthcare, which is now known as HonorHealth.