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    • Title:Chairman and CEO
    • Organization:Breitling Energy Corp
    • Area of Expertise:energy, oil and gas, fracking, drilling
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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: energy, oil and gas, fracking, drilling
      Summary of expertise:
      Chris Faulkner has extensive experience in all aspects of oil and gas operations including oil and gas prices, oil and gas exploration, drilling and production. He is an excellent communicator with a perspective on issues facing drillers and the politics affecting the industry.

      He can speak knowledgably on the following topics:

      - Oil and gas exploration and development; all aspects (challenges, trends, outlook, etc)

      - "Fracking; the process, the future, environmental concerns, technology, local fracking bans in Texas and other states.

      - Environmental concerns surrounding exploration and development of any natural resources.

      - Have we tapped the world's oil reserves?

      - Political issues and the potential for policy changes for big oil and gas (current policy and what's to come)

      - How investors take advantage of the current situation

      - Investment outlook (emerging trends, tips, hot stock picks and overlooked high yield picks)

      - How shifting world politics will affect oil and gas prices.
      Books/articles published:
      The Fracking Truth Book - 2014
      Multiple articles in major publications.

      2014 Who's Who in Energy/Dallas
      2014 40 Under 40
      Industry leader of the year 2013 by Oil and Gas Awards
      Oil Executive of the Year 2013 by American Energy Research Group

      Prior media experience:
      Extensive Media experience. Frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business, CNN International. Articles in WSJ, NYT, LA Times, Guardian and many local publications

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