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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Life Science Nanotechnology
      Summary of expertise:
      Dr. Michael Danielov founded BIONOVA, Inc. in 1997 and has served as BIONOVA’s Chief Executive Officer and President since its founding. Holding both an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Pathophysiology, Dr. Danielov has brought a broad background in basic research and product development combined with managerial experience in directing a large research organization to the BIONOVA brand.
      BIONOVA brand combines the power of Science with the wisdom of Nature. BIONOVA products work with the Human Physiology by using the same substances naturally produced within the Living System.
      BIONOVA utilizes several proprietary technologies that are several steps ahead of what is currently available within the scientific community. These technologies serve as a Nanotechnological Platform for creating multiple products oriented toward enhancement of self-healing processes with specific curative effects.
      Blog/Web site: www.bionovalab.com, www.bionovalab.uk.co
      White paper/research:
      The fundamental science behind BIONOVA's technological platform has started three decades ago in Georgia in the Institute of Experimental Morphology Academy of Science (former Soviet Union), when Michael Danielov began his research in study of pathogenetical mechanisms and thanatogeneses (mechanisms of death) of post-aggressive reactions of the Living Organisms.
      Dr. Danielov was the first to reveal that the best approach to future medicine would be to start using substances that naturally exist in the body, instead of creating and administrating new molecules. With his team of scientists he discovered methods of ‘copying’ nature, actually learning how to ‘put together’ multiple biological informational substances in physiological concentration (nano-and pico quantities) that living system needs to repair malfunctioning lines of information communication and to preserve their biological stability. The phenomenal volume of data and its careful analysis brought Dr. Danielov to a new scientific concept: ‘The Concept of Biological Information Transfer in Living Organisms’ that literally changed the understanding of human adaptation mechanisms.

      Books/articles published:
      Dr. Danielov is the author of more than 40 openly published scientific articles and one book in his field of research:‘“The Pathogenetical mechanisms of post aggressive reactions development in organism”.
      He is the author of published series of articles related to his proprietary Scientific Concept of "Biological Information Transfer" and to Life Science Nanotechnology in ‘Critical Care & Catastrophe Medicine’ magazine.

      Through 1981 to 1989 Dr. Danielov in cooperation with some of the world’s best mathematicians, equipment, and process designers, including Dr. K. Kalantarov, Dr. A. Kaufman, and Dr. Beliakov developed four generations of automatic scintillation counters for beta and gamma radiation. For this unique developments in 1984 Dr. Danielov and the team of co-developers were nominated for the ‘State Prize’ – the highest USSR award in science and technology.
      Dr. Danielov is the elected professor of Georgian Critical Care Medicine University.

      Prior media experience:
      "When Michael Danielov arrived in the United States from the Soviet Union in 1990, he brought with him 18 years of experience in Nano-Science..."
      - Crain's New York
      " Top 10 Nanotech Products..."

      Educational background:
      Ph.D. in Pathophysiology, 1985
      MD Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Faculty of General Medicine, 1976
      Dr. Danielov is interested in classical music, opera, history books

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