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My Expertise

    My Expertise

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      Mr. Younkes has served as CEO of MSC for over 7 years. He has a passion and vision for the use of simulation to educate healthcare professionals. Under his leadership, MSC has become the leader in the medical simulation industry and has delivered training to over 27,000 individuals in over 800 locations worldwide. Mr. Younkes has expert knowledge in the following ares: history and evolution of medical simulation, endovascular procedure simulation and medical device training, simulation training and physician credentialing, venture captital-funded start-ups, medical device product launches and the impact of simulation training on the quality of healthcare and patient safety. Mr. Younkes is also experienced in a number of high technology areas, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, software products, rechargeable batteries, and aviation.
      Mr. Younkes is a pilot and serves as an advisor to a number of early stage companies.
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      Engineering Degree from Purdue University

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