Barry L. Friedberg,
    Title A Board Certified Anesthesiologist
    Job Responsibility Maximizes patient safety in Surgery
    Organization A Board Certified Anesthesiologist
    Institution Type Hospitals & Medical Centers
    Industry Type Health Care/Hospitals
    Languages I speak English
    PR Representative First Name Scott
    PR Representative Last Name Lorenz
    PR Representative E-mail
    PR Representative Phone 734-667-2090
    Please list your areas of Expertise Medical
    Summarize your expertise in greater detail Dr. Friedberg is the developer of propofol ketamine (PK) technique designed to maximize patient safety by minimizing the degree to which patients need to be medicated to create the illusion of general anesthesia, i.e. "no hear, no feel." Many members of SOBA throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and England have enthusiastically incorporated PK into their practices to the delight of their patients and surgeons.Dr. Friedberg has published several articles in peer-reviewed, as well as other, journals on his technique. Subsequent citations are noteworthy. Half of all published journal articles are never referred to in later articles. Dr. Friedberg's articles have been subsequently cited in 33 journal articles. His articles have also been cited in 10 textbooks including the 2005 encyclopedic Millers Anesthesia (6th ed). The Karolinska Institute is the foremost medical center of Sweden. Please contact Scott Lorenz, Dr. Friedberg's publicist, at: Phone: +1-734-667-2090
    Office Phone 949-233-8845
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