William Stickevers

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William talks about where we are in the effects of the Cardinal Crisis and where we are going from here.
"I think everything you're saying is something that needs to be heard by the public." -Alan Steinfeld of "New Realities" A follow-up to the 2010 show, from a 2014 perspective nearly four years later now that we are in a full-blown geopolitical crisis: -Extreme volatility in the global markets -Mainstream news revelations of manipulation in the markets and suppression of gold and commodities -The Snowden-NSA revelations that are destabilizing geopolitical relations and the public’s trust in the U.S. government -465 banks are now considered insolvent by the FDIC without recapitalization by the Federal Reserve through Quantitative Easing -Over 14 large-scale protests or revolutions throughout the world in 2013 alone, not including protests in the U.S. (See my blog.) -The Fukushima crisis is out of control, exceeding Chernobyl many times over, which may result in a collapse of the oceans’ ecological system -Extreme weather, global cooling – not warming – along with earthquakes and volcanic activity which have increased in frequency and intensity -The percentage of underemployed American workers has exceeded the Great Depression numbers (Underemployed workers could be defined as workers who were earning an income that could comfortably cover a mortgage, support a family, and send the kids to college, who have lost their jobs since the financial crisis and for the past seven years have been looking for full-time work but are working part-time or working full-time earning 40% of their previous salary, i.e. stocking shelves at WalMart for about $12/hour.) -UFO sightings have increased exponentially and there is more disclosure activity both outside and within the military industrial complex occurring at a rate never seen before We have entered the second stage of the Cardinal Crisis which began in 2010. Tune in to hear what this second stage is really all about, and what is to come in the third stage.
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