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    My Expertise

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      Angus Konstam is one of the world's leading authorities on piracy. A prolific author with over 50 historical titles in print, Konstam studied History and Archeology at the Scottish Universities of Aberdeen and St. Andrews, and is a former naval officer, an underwater archeologist and a museum curator. He advised the archeologists who excavated Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge, and has made several TV appearances as a piratical "talking head" for the History Channel. His recent book is Piracy: A Complete History (Osprey).
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      Newest books:

      Piracy. The Complete History

      Sovereigns of the Sea
      The Quest to Build the Perfect Renaissance Battleship

      There was a Soldier
      First Hand Accounts of the Scottish Soldier from 1707 to the Present Day

      Past books:

      Confederate Submarines & Torpedo Vessels, 1861-65
      Seven Days Battles, 1862
      Spanish Galleon, 1530-1690
      Confederate Blockade Runner
      Fair Oaks, 1862
      British Battlecruisers, 1939-45
      British Motor Torpedo Boat
      The Pirate Ship, 1660-1730
      American Civil War Fortifications
      Duel of the Ironclads
      Lepanto, 1571: The greatest naval battle of the Renaissance
      Confederate Raider: 1861-65
      The Renaissance War Galley
      Guilford Courthouse
      Hampton Roads, 1862
      Union River Ironclad, 1861-65
      Mississippi River Gunboats of the American Civil War
      Union Monitor, 1861-65
      Pirates: Terror on the High Seas
      British Napoleonic Ship-of-the-Line
      Confederate Ironclad, 1861-65
      Privateers and Pirates
      The Armada Campaign 1588
      Elizabethan Sea Dogs
      SanJuan Hill, 1898
      Pirates 1660-1730

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