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      By 3pm: E-Commerce Times seeks experts re: Whisper’s privacy policies

      Last Post By: Maria Perez

      From Erika Morphy:I am covering the controversy that has arisen over claims by The Guardian that it tracks users and stores data, despite claiming to provide anonymity. Whisper has denied the paper's allegations, and the paper has offered rebuttals o... more

      By 4pm: Daily Makeover seeks experts re: sleep positions

      Last Post By: Angela Smith

      From Aly Walansky:I'm working on a post on what your sleeping position means about you. We're looking for why we may be sleeping on our side, our back, with our arms crossed, etc. I would love expert intel for this one. Emails only, please. Contact:... more

      Holiday Gift Guide Submissions

      Last Post By: Carol Jones

      Seeking holiday gift guide submissions for a 2014 Holiday blogger event in the following areas: Technology Toys Home Goods Kitchen/Gourmet Men's products Women's products Interested parties can contact carol@allmommywants.com... more